World Of Warcraft Gold Farm 300,000 Gold In About 10 Minutes

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Hello guys! Im Back! and in this video i teach you guys how to farm up some plans for an item that is worth about 300,000 gold and it has a good chance to sell quickly off the auction house

Battle For Azeroth Cheap! :
My Setup (:
Mouse Pad:


  1. …this is most certainly not a Burning Crusade instance with Burning Crusade mobs

    It’s not just a “free to play weekend” it’s trying to entice people who left to come back.

  2. kunta broke his back, sorry to hear man. I'm grinding out some boe purple world drops from bfa. They feel like the worst drop chances to me but I guess it's due to it being current content!

  3. "Kunta broke his back!"

    Hey kunta I hope you get well soon, I know how it feels I have a crushed S1, L5 and L4 from falling off and ladder 15 ft in the air, right onto my back from doing a security camera install.

    I'm own 240mg daily of oxycodone just to keep the pain down oh, it's been this way since May of 2018 so I know my body's physically dependent on it, do watch out for that if you're on any high dosage of pain medicine for more than a month of at a time.

    Best wishes to you hopefully you don't need surgery like I do.

  4. I talked to my grandpa who is going to church tomorrow.
    I told him about your skiing accident and asked him to.
    Get everyone in church praying for you I told him to say.
    the wow gold farmer so they wouldn't get it confused.
    With the music artist.

  5. Get healthy man. Don’t push yourself over a few videos we will be here waiting. I’m really glad your recovering!! Love the vids.

    Side note tho that’s a vanilla run. Use to be a 10 man raid. And how would I find your wow community?

  6. I can sympathize with you. I have had 3 vertebrae in my neck fused. I hope you heal well and have little or no pain. Goon squad. P.S. I keep swiftness potions pinned to my action bar to help with movement speed. I use a Forsaken Fury Warrior to farm dungeons/raids.

  7. i found a fast respawn farm ,in the horde city on the lower lvl of the horde city by the bridge theres thos 2 legged dog things they respawn fast i seen like 4 grps there the other day on my ally might wanna look into it

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