Top 10 things I love about the dota 2 battle pass 2019 (GIVEAWAY INCLUDED!)

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Top 10 things I love about the dota 2 battle pass 2019

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  1. Your oldest fan <3 Love you so much Goodboy This battle is out of sight out mind 0.0 . Sadly cant buy it done all steps love your videos like alwsaz soory for late comment bro . 🙁 I hope i can get this battle pass this year . Love you so much bro you alwayz help us poor people to get things which we cant afford your channel is love <3

  2. Haahh man I feel good u here to ur fans … For example last comment whas from one guy he said why good boy not looking positive site but only negative site and after that you make positive things bp 👍 I like more goodboy critic . Anyway keep it up like ur videos man and will follow ur insta ✓ > TaBi

  3. Well I already follow you on Instagram, so consider me for giveaway please! This would be my only chance to try it because with my country's economic collapse, 10 dollars is what I pay for food in a month now! 😂

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