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pubg vikendi snow map vikendi new map pubg gameplay


  1. As a new player, I find this map easier than the others. There seems to be allot more loot as there's more built up areas so you can always get tooled up. I just seem to have more success than I do on the others

  2. Fun fact: A few months ago, you were driving around pochinki in duos, but was by yourself. I killed you. I didn't know who you were until my husband told me what I did. To be fair, you were headed right for me. I'm sorry for killing you. You are awesome.

  3. This game is stale and runs like shit. The movement in this game is terrible. Kudos to those who have mastered how to play well in such an unpredictability reacting game both with RNG and gunplay.

  4. Moses I just want you to know that other then Wacky Jackys in-depth videos, your earlier videos of the chcocotaco break down videos are what made me appreciate and subscribe to your channel. Other then that I do not subscribe to anyone else’s PUBG content since I get such enjoyment from yours.

    Thank you for all the content and I am glad that you are getting the recognition in the industry that you deserve.

  5. I had a guy with gille-suit on that just was standing far away and the only stuff i saw was the weapons on his back and i couldn't figure out wath it was so i didn't even shoot at him (was only like 8-10 people left and the others didn't know where i was), i killed him later when he starte moving (but i lost the match anyway) but my gooood what a good camo that is 🙂 Love the vid, love from Sweden!

  6. I really dislike this map. Idk what it is but it never fails that I'll be fighting someone and someone else just flanks me. So I'm stuck in between two people at the mercy of them. Happens in squads and duos as well. I really enjoy flanking around but everytime I move up on a team, another team just rides in behind us and ruins me. Idk if it's just being unlucky but with other maps that doesn't happen near as often as Vikindi. It's rather annoying lol

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