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League of Legends Season 9 Shaco Gameplay! Shaco Jungle Gameplay!

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  1. Do you do anything other than constantly complain regardless of your team or how your own perfomance is? Watched you for about a month but fucking hell… I'm out. Trash personality.

  2. He is on stream and he is just telling his opinion the people who watched tyler1 all day are now trying to act like they are as good person/player as nidalee. He is not even typing in chat a lot and making his team play even worse or he is not flaming enemy team by typing them (almost all of the streamers do). Hes just streaming. I think that's a good commentary and gameplay i love this guy no homo

  3. What I noticed is that there's this really weird perception of life through league of legends – kinda like how in movies there's almost like an alternate reality on how people are supposed to talk and act and it's the same thing in the league community. If you pay attention to all these streamers, a lot of them talk/act pretty similarly in this really weird, skewed and awkward manner and if you take them out of the league setting, would be really cringe and hard to listen to. I guess a part of it is the culture but also a lot of it is just letting the league of legends community take control of who you are in a way. Imagine going out in public and saying something like "feelsbadman" or "wow this is really good" except in the inflection you say "this nidalee is really good"

  4. Im a shaco main and i had a bad game. My mid laner azir flamed the fuck out of me and told me im a dog shit player and dont know how to play my champ and how i should watch higher level shaco players like chase…. and here i am

  5. Honestly you're duo q fed his fuckingg ass off and deserver to be reported for int, but instead of asking him to play better you flame the whole team. Is you're brain as small as you're penis or something? Idiot!!!

  6. veigar played suboptimally cause he lost vision in the brush and got bursted when he re-entered but you also played suboptimally a few times and your excuse is always " oH i GoT oUtPlAyEd". You always have to throw shade and blame others before you admit you fucked up (when you even admit it). Like, anyone above gold can see when you fuck up, youre literally trying to pull the wool over the eyes of anyone under that to make yourself seem better than you are because you either have the worlds most fragile ego or youre scared people wont watch if they see you play badly cause you have no real personality other than flaming other people. I for one would rather see you just straight up be like hey i fucked up there because of x, or we communicated badly i thought it was gonna pan out like yada yada. People come to you to learn shaco, not for your stellar personality. youve proven your gameplay is insane on shaco already so stop deflecting and actually teach people how to improve rather than how to blame others.

  7. Fuck those who say your attitude is bad. Who the fuck is editing this video and thumbnail its bad as fuck. Duelist Build? Seriously? Everybody has been building the same exact shit for multiple seasons now and its a first for me to see it called a "duelist build" stupid fucking ebay title. Jk nice video bud

  8. amazing Shaco play, out of this world. but no need to be so rude hard to watch, the only game your mouth stopped was the game u were in chat with girls for the $35,000 win, love to see you get a bit more of that, again amazing skills

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