Should You play Sunwell’s Nightbane TBC? First Impressions! (World of Warcraft)

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  1. Btw guys he just did a stream 1 hour ago and he accidentally showed his Paypal on stream and there was $180 deposit from the Netherwing team…… I ain't saying this guy is a paid $hill but…..

  2. you dont play vanilla or tbc becaus they both are the worst time to be on a private server. every fucking one whants to make a server so they keep fucking reseting all the time. tired of leveling to 60 becaus a server is dead and the same fucking team opens a new server. tired of leveling to 70 becaus people fucking forget the good servers that exist and just go to the fresh new one

  3. Before any comments I wanted to play on Nightbane a little. Multiple restarts during day, moroes dying at 30%, chess event not working – GMs opening doors for players, mobs in dungeons walking under bridges in freaking LAVA – pathing is just wrong, combat bug in stances are pretty often – sometimes you need to alt +f4 whole group and after 4-5 packs of mobs combat bug is back, hunter quest not working properly – autocomplete (you just catch beast and then it is not following you) … rogue energy working wierd – after dodge / parry you should lost a little of energy and dodge actually is giving you energy back and these are only few things on my mind… but I will play there a little bit more, because I believe the stuff can polish the server

  4. No! you really shouldn't i just deleted my 49 lvl character because i got fed up with bugs.That is hands down THE buggiest,trashiest server i have ever played and believe me i have played alot of private servers

  5. Im sure there are some bugs because its a private server. But hontestly ive leveled and orc and a bloodelf both starting zones and every quest except for one has been bug free for me. that one bug is in the amani catacombs in ghostlands, one of the mummys is bugged i think so it wastes a torch, so you gotta abandon the quest and do it again. currently my orc is a higher level though, hes 27. Im currently in thousand needles. every quest except for that one has worked perfectly. And I havent seen any oddities with any of my abilities or my pets pathing. I will agree the blue drop rates do seem off though.

  6. @big musk please learn the game first and then make your trash talks…. However you cannot expect private server without few bugs. If you wish to play without bugs go and play BFA blizz…. that chanell is dead

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