PUBG Xbox Tips – How to Factory in PUBG Xbox |Parachuting, Looting, Winning Strategy and more|

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Check out my new PUBG Xbox Tips – How to Factory in PUBG Xbox |Parachuting, Survival, Looting and Winning Strategy| Video. I’ll share my Top 4 Tips for Parachuting, Survival, Loot Guide and Winning Strategy as well.

Following the Success of my previous Tips & Tricks Video. I’ve decided to do a How To Video about my 2nd favorite spot on the Map: the Factory.

In this video I’ll go through my…


  1. More awesome tips!!! I have been playing this game since it dropped too on Xbox One,but I like to see different strategies people use and try them.I will definitely give this a try.Also I like your video’s,because you actually show stuff I didn’t even have a clue about,like the parachuting and pause menu thing,cool sh** man.I would have probably never knew that,cause I never pause on the jump.I am always making sure I don’t get a bad landing,so I would have never done the pause thing I don’t think.If I did it would have been by accident most likely,lol just saying. 😄😄😄

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