PUBG – Mobile | TIMI & LIGHTSPEED | How to sign up for Beta!

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– TIMI :
– Lightspeed :

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  1. When i open the game and click on Wechat Or Qq it says some chines wards and i press ok and the game Close and I be on home screen & I make acc in both Qq And We chat…. Please pls Help Me

  2. Hi, i have downloaded the lightspeed quantum version and i have a wechat account and the game is downloaded at my internal storage and after i press the app icon it turns into black sreen and takes me back to my home…pls help thanks

  3. Fuck this shit game and fuck chines
    When i press the button on wechat it gives me two tabs
    Choosing the platform and the first one i chosen wechat than the 2nd i did abdroid than fuck an error
    在该服务器上未获取到角色信息! fuck chines why you always like dicks

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