PUBG 4 Location Crates Opening Which is Best Server for Crates Opening?

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This video is about pubg crates opening with a different type of location to get free M416 skin as well as other legendary item’s and outfits and which is the best location for pubg crate opening, so I hope you like this video thank you for watching.

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  1. I was totally lucky yaar
    Firstly I got kar98k skins
    Secondly cars skin.
    The only secret behind getting it is that u must keep your crates for a short while and then open not instantly guys.

  2. Bhai mera Facebook disable huwa thaa 1week k baad khula. Facebook se connect hai pubg aur khola toh mera name change thaa flag v change thaa aur mera UC vi gayab thaa. Hairani toh ye huwa Facebook password 2bar change karchuka hu lekin aavi vi koi use kar raha hai mera pubg ac. Kya karu bhai Facebook sehe hata kar firse login kare toh pubg k ac firse milega kya purana wala jisme bahut sare paisa kharcha hai maine. Help me bro.

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