Perfect Gun VFX Explained From The NEW PUBG Movie

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  1. Hi commenters and corridor crew, I am 12 years old and am transitioning from iMovie on phone and hoping to find a good free editing software for vfx and color and stuff like that. If you have any suggestions let me know. Have a good day!

  2. I dunno if this means anything to you guys, but just to throw this random demo in here. I almost never watch your corridor digital videos. I found you guys from Node, and I pretty much only watch this channel. Reasoning: I like the behind the scenes view point. I also like seeing the work that goes into the videos, and the random fun games you guys play.

  3. So, pretty confident about Gunshot vfx? Why not try to throw out some raw footage and do a contest @corridorcrew? 😉 I was even thinking of doing an edit of the Node Airsoft videos with gunVFX, but that oen would tease me even more !

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