Overwatch: NEW Role Lock LEAKS! – Tracer Skin Drama

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MASSIVE News roundup video today as Slasher revealed even more about the new role lock system that is likely coming to Overwatch, mainly first, to deliver the Overwatch League from the GOATSpocolpse and let famed DPS head clickers like Linkzr play their damage role again… All signs point towards either OWL getting 2-2-2 locked role queue first, or simultaneously to the main game. In any…


  1. well i just watched overwatch league last night and it was pretty much alllllll goats xD no widow ever literally teams were playing the same characters against eachother the whooolle night!

  2. Would a ban/protect system work in competitive? Each team has 3 picks they can ban or protect and can change the strategy of teams who rely on some characters. Like they could ban rein and teams would have to adapt to playing without a rein. Don't know might work?

  3. I think the All-Stars are meant to be so rare, they'd only be available once. And that sucks if you can't get tokens to buy them. I didn't get last year's, and I didn't have enough tokens this year, and ended up impulsively dropping $13 on Mercy's. But now I feel like I can never de-equip it because I just spent $13 on a single cosmetic item in a video game, it'd be stupid to not use it. But yeah, it's literally just another legendary, with a $13 (Canadian) pricetag.

  4. Turns out the Dva skin is just a schoolgirl outfit. It's a decent skin, but the only way I see it breaking the Internet is the rule 34 people that are into schoolgirls

  5. While LoL Changes everything every month. And it has over 140 champion, +items in the game, Try to balance that with this attitude
    Ofc They only touch the popular things. But they also shake the unpopular to get some attention. (gotta admit i left LoL because of that forever changing attitude)

    While Blizz takes a decade to realize what led them to this day.
    Orisa one handedly Allows Bunker. Now baptiste forces it.
    Brigitte made goats Viable, later we figured out that Off supports with the 3 fckn deffensive ultimate… Enough to keep 3 other tank alive, later we found out that with a Sombra in the goats make every Goat buster comp useless…

    And look at what heroes we got since realese, Sombra Well yeah okay you need to do really well to get dmg out of that. But hacks are in itself almost worth the total hp of the hero you hack.
    Orisa…. Just why.
    Brigitte, she seems fun, but Get original heroes and get busted just because you can't reach them in time without being in goats.
    Doomfist, can be mastered on a high level but casual players can play it too, (Its a lie, if you see a doom in Plat expect a lose, but don't start to ask for him to switch it doesn't matter…)
    What else ? Ashe… Promised to be a Hitscan but in reality she is a super fast Projectile hero, a projectile hero with the dmg of a Hitscan…

    Can we got heroes that are not Moba ? You know some actual Hitscan heroes, or projectile heroes like hanzo or Farah. Tanks that can be considered as a main tank but without a shield to not power goats even further…
    Honestly i don't know who make those heroes but this game is getting Moba from a Fps kind of like game with hero abilities…
    I want to shoot ppl, not punch, smash, swing, or Laser them. We have enough of that.

  6. wait what where is the tracer drama? you talked about: role locks,all-star skins,dark mode,new map,xqc wanting back into league,dva skin,how tracer looks with a k/da skin,stack limits and finally how teams are reacting with the new lucio nerfs.
    where is the tracer skin drama?
    did i miss something?

  7. if they add role lock the game will die. It will prove that the dev team sucks so hard that they can't balance the game. Additionally, it could be illegal since OWL franchises are independent businesses and wouldn't like their best comp (goats) from being played at all. Additionally, triple tank is just so much more entertaining than dive

  8. Overwatch NEEDS to change.. today for example i got matched with players who just bought the game (lvl 1 to 20) and im 200.. like the match making system needs to change..
    and people talk about the hidden MMR but we totally shit on these kids with our worst heros… that just ruining the game for new players

  9. Kpop always uses props without permission in music videos all the time. Crayon Pop music video FM had Halo Spartans and they never collabed with Microsoft.

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