Overwatch – More Mercy PTR UPDATES! / Jeff DESTROYS! / New Genji Team Skin!

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Principal designer Geoff Goodman has urged calm on the forums, stating that more changes will be coming to Mercy – Mercy won’t be going live next week in her current PTR state. Stay tuned for more Mercy updates. Jeff Kaplan destroys a forum shitposter and a new Genji Overwatch League Skin has appeared.

Dallas Fuel Genji Skin
Geoff Mercy post…


  1. They take it at face value because almost anything put onto the PTR is pushed to live regardless of the feedback given by the players on the forums. Mercy didn't need to be re-worked to this degree. Resurrect as her ultimate was not the problem. It was not a game breaking ability. Not when half the cast has the potential to wipe a team with the press of a button. They should put more time and effort into creating new and unique support and tank characters instead of constantly re-working characters.

  2. I'm on Jeff's side. Sorry if they hurt your feelings kid, but maybe demanding the removal of employees also hurts someone else's feelings. I think 30 days is a good amount of time to reflect on how to NBAD. No one is making you play this game, and I sincerely hope you quit.

  3. INTRODUCE NEW HEROES!!! 2 hero per year is bullcrap… League pushed out a hero every two week in their development stages… Why do you try to balance now? Every time they will introduce a new hero they will need to rebalance everything anyway…. Jesus. How many times does this needs to be said before they start pushing out new playable heroes?

  4. I mean… I would've put more detail in my explanation as to why I think the balancing team needs replacement, but I honestly thought the 100s of other threads made it pretty clear as to why. Not to mention all the previous PTR changes with Roadhog and D.Va and the unnecessary work put in reworking Mercy when that time could've went in creating a brand new hero. Other heroes like Ana get neglected more than a year and arguably overpowered heroes like Genji (even though it was stated as a bug) get's a buff or to put it more slightly not a nerf? His ridiculous hitbox and favoritism of the devs is insane.

    Yes, I acted immaturely and wrote back to Blizzard apologizing for my behavior, because it wasn't any proper feedback. I was just frustrated because I really love this game. I have spent over 300 hours in it and want to spend even more. But when they do unnecessary changes like this, that will more than likely make it to live servers, then yeah… I do deserve the ban, but I hope that Jeff and the team at least understood that people are unhappy with the direction the game is going.

    I don't want to be praised or loved or be some kind of martyr. I was just stating my anger and got what I deserve. Anyways, see you all in the forums in 30 days. Good luck.

  5. Hmm interesting that it’s blue. How ever the Dallas cowboys(American Football) are blue and white, the Dallas Mavericks(basketball) are also blue. so I guess the color blue does have something to do with Dallas.

  6. Wtaf lmao Blizzard is so fuckin high. That is just so stupid. That opinion post isn't worth a ban. And pls, sty, don't just say that you know how Jeff felt cause it's the "same" as you on banning people. The forums is a place for people to give out their opinions. Half of the community isn't even on the forums. Like the ones that are actually put their time to read and give opinions. And that guy wasn't even toxic like cmon…

    This game's gonna die soon lmao the devs are high af

  7. The mercy changes are horrible they’ll make her completely unusable she will not longer be fun if they go through with this it’ll ruin every mercy main. Jeff needs to stop listening to hanzo mains that complain she’s too op when he still hasn’t been nerfed smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Okay so that dude on the forums was being an ass, but it don’t think an immediate 30 day ban was justified. Maybe if he has a history of posting thing like that, but that’s not made evident by this video or that post. Kaplan and the rest of the team are adults. They need to act like adults when a child insults them. Be mature. The first bit of Kaplan’s response was perfect: calling out the guy for just being rude witty out having a point. The ban was unwarranted, and should probably be reversed.

  9. While we are at the developers, can we talk about that apparently, if you die and start to select a hero while you are dead, if mercy res you, you become that something that you have changed and not the same hero how you died? I saw it in 3 videos already. I will test it when I get back home

  10. still laughing my ass off at all these people saying Jeff was childish and out of order etc, whilst im the smart guy here WHO KNOWS these forums have rules, unlike the unregulated forums of a shitshow. What Jeff did was see a comment and acted professionally according to the rules of the forum, kids can grow up and get some sense into them that rules still apply even if its an opinion or not. For example someone can be a full on racist to someone as in their opinion its right to do, but is it punishable for using that opinion to have a go at someone, yes, it is, smh people need to learn LOL

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