Overwatch | 3 Fun & Creative Macros For Razer Synapse

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3 New Fun & Creative Macros for Overwatch that will give you and your friends something to laugh about, Enjoy!
▼ Download Link (All 3 Macros Included) To Razer Synapse: ▼

► Razer Synapse:

► Macros In Text Format:

★ Video Time-stamps…


  1. blizzard does have ways of detecting macros, they have huge macro problems with WOW and starcraft so they developed ways to detect macros, also, a macro is using a sequence with the same timing every time, that is not so difficult to dettect

  2. Hey is there perhaps any way for you to create some type of macro or miniscript to autoselect a certain hero? Its getting impossible for me to pick genji in QP lately cause im my pc is a bit slow to load in and im not the fastest dude in the world.

  3. Do you know if blizzard can detect Ahk scripts? Also, can you make a macro to efficiently burst with 76? (So the spread is minimal for like shooting down a pharah) Thanks, and good video!

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