Offlane Medusa 2.5 – 3.2k Strategy for Easy MMR Dota 2 patch 7.02

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This off lane strategy will only work well against opposing teams without good lane mechanics. The goal is to get yourself levels and as much farm as possible in the offlane while attempting to limit the enemy carries farm.

Starting items: 8 tangos – 4 iron branches – Circlet.

Spells: Mystic Snake – Split shot – Split shot – Mystic Snake – Mystic Snake – Stone Gaze – Adapt as needed.



  1. Maelstrom on Medusa just seems very underwhelming for me. She has split shot and mystic snake for her farming mechanism, and the damage is pretty negligible. I generally prefer casual yasha into skadi after your core early game items (wand aquila phase). However after skadi, i generally don't really know where to go, and try to base it on the game. Manta is nice for dispelling silences and farm, but again underwhelming for damage. I know rapier is actually a valid late game item on dusa, but probably after a butterfly for the evasion/agi.

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