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  1. I dont agree with what you said about it's fun really only if you put money into it. I play pubg for the game and how great a competitive shooter it is and really could care less about the aesthetic aspect from skins it provides. The main reason I love pubg is it's not pay to win, its skill to win. I love that considering so many mobile games nowadays focus way to much into mobile transactions. pubg g has that but it won't give you any edge on winning the match. Wish more mobile developers did this, love the vids! Keep em coming Riggs!!

  2. Pubg is dead
    Im happy I stopped playing this greedy game, and this is the reason why I stopped playing it. My luck is way bad and have no money and cant get a job.

  3. Before pugb mobile I play loot off similar games where yu get all those cosmetics stuff 4 free, even those parachute trails, graffiti(who pays membership has better car skins, no coupons but 💯) ) ,, etc so no way that I wiil give a cent to pugb mobile

  4. Hmmm a server for the middle East I am from there and I can assure you I will stick to EU server I am done playing with Arabs lol maybe they will all shift to the middle East server and leave me the fuk alone

  5. I'm actually buying only the royal pass every season for 10 bucks and i think that pubg has to release more stuff to buy from redeem so free to play people enjoy it more. This is a great move that the Korean Version of Pubg has already done as you showed in a previous video

  6. Hey guys, since the tier now has been reset. I wanna ask whether u can still get season end reward for ace eventhough your rank dropped to crown. For example guys, I am an ace, but at the end of season my rank was reduced to crown because I died early in game. Someone got explananation?

  7. Hey non clickbait king! I don't really like the new rewards. Also I don't like the parachute flare or what ever you wanna call it! When I'm dropping I want to see everything! Also I'm not willing the passes anymore do to the rewards. And yeah the one parachute flare will be permanent from the pass.

  8. 25 x 300 is 7500
    very good price for 25 silver frags instead of opening crates
    also u can now purchase coupon frags with silver frags so i think pubg is giving player more chances to more skins, i rencently opened a parachute skin with the coupon i exchanged

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