n0thing vs. CHEATERS (OVERWATCH #2)

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  1. First guy was boosting or was playing smurfs the reason why they have animal names is so if you seen a player and then they show up in overwatch you won’t have a bias because they will have those animal names

  2. You can't say for definite that the first one is boosting. If you were put in a match where the entire enemy team was AFK what would you do? You wouldn't just leave, you would rush their spawn aswell

  3. #1 Is tricky but ultimately you shouldn't mark down anything. I have gotten my share of these games and these deranking services are usually not related to the other team.

  4. I think the office guy was walling honestly he didn't check corners, just pushed and when the guy pushed him long yall before he seen him he jumped to get out of his way. I might be wrong but idk

  5. Player uses external program for bots to perfectly queue with each other for free wins and calls reports on himself to test blatantly obvious and silent cheats to see which will get him banned as an experiment to the community and valves vac

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