Minuteman – Killing the Mobile Anti-Aircraft – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

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In this minute-long tip, I talk about how you can get rid of the MAA from the air, and in particular its strong points and weakpoints. It helps to have an Attack Jet, but this can be accomplished with any aircraft setup in Battlefield 4.

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  1. I'm starting to get into vehicles that I traditionally stay away from. So sometimes I hop into the mobile AA at the beginning of the round if nobody else gets into it.

    I just try not to be in one place for any longer than it takes to cap a flag, down smaller ground based vehicles and choppers (I don't tend to mess with jets unless they're just THAT close and there aren't any other immediate threats) and infantry.

    Or notice a tank and do a… uh… "tactical retreat" (aka run like a bitch). hehe

  2. Good tip, though I expect it'll become outdated once the CTE changes hit retail. In CTE the MAA received two major changes:

    1) Vertical aiming angle has been significantly increased, so the blind spot above the MAA is only maybe 5-10* wide.

    2) 25mm cannon received a range buff taking it past 800m. Even though damage and accuracy now also have a fall-off (making both of those decrease with range), you can still harass aircraft from very long ranges.

    With these changes I don't think you'll be able to effectively fight back against the MAA, just spray-and-pray with your cannon and rocket pods from afar and hope some of your shots hit. Taking out MAA will have to be left up to the teammates on the ground.

  3. Good tip!  Though, I'm an god-awful jet pilot.  I've had good luck sneaking up on them with the attack chopper while I'm running TOWs and Zunis.  There's a sweet-spot distance where you can dump both TOWs, and while they're in the air, dump all the Zunis, and they all hit at about the same time. If you do it right, he doesn't see you coming, and he doesn't have time to even pop his APS.  Just be ready to beat a hasty retreat if some other schlub (like a blueberry secondary gunner) shoots at him and tips him off, and he pops his APS while you're just about to dump ALL of your ordinance. Also, some maps are better than others for this. Firestorm is bad. Dragon Pass is awesome.

  4. Remembee that this only works if they're not sitting within the base. If they have active radar and you're mid dogfight. Even Hough you are careful to avoid the lcocks, the AA can still hit you spiraling into air or ground (based on your orientation). Either way, you would end up dead if your jet gets mobility hitted which I think the arms should do based on the light speed projectile and hit range that reaches the other side of the universe

  5. The best way to kill the enemy AA is: no-scoping the c4 you put on their AA or putting down a claymore to destroy the c4 you put on the vehicle once he moves. If he isnt moving jump around infront of his gun and jump on the AA when you want to. Credits to @ChaBoyyHD and @aaronlawd 

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