Minecraft – New 2018 Features Coming ! MCPE / Xbox / PS4 / PS3 / Switch

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Today I am going to show you some Sneek Peeks of some new features coming in 2018 for Minecraft ! MCPE ( Pocket Edition ) / PS4 / XBOX / JAVA / PS3 / Xbox One / Windows 10 / Switch ( Console Minecraft ) on the the Better Together Update or Bedrock edition . If you enjoyed this Video, give it a like👍 and Subscribe to my channel for #DAILY…


  1. Can I share my map / world on xbox one live version? It might seem like a noob question to ask, but I've just started back on minecraft (I've had to wrestle an xbox of the kids so I've fallen behind on a few new things in this version).
    Ive also moved a world over but half the red stone circuits now don't work. They used to, I got most of them off you!!

  2. one of the reasons I don't play on Vanilla Minecraft is the glass texture. Why can't it just be clear? I really don't like those lines going through the glass.

    I love the textures for the concrete how they are bold solid colours but the glass is just awful. it's probably the worst texture for glass on any of the texture packs I've seen

  3. Need minecraft mods, battlefield 1 mods or cod bo3 mods I can mod these titles for minecraft by creating modded worlds and obtaining items u can’t usually get, for battlefield 1 I can spawn in lots of supply drops, for cod bo3 I can give hero and dark matter hit me up if u are interested via snapchat- idrees_1 or psn idrees_1. £5 oan 5 dollars psn or for free if I am feeling generous .

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