Make Parkour Maps Easily with this Tool, Overwatch Workshop

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With this workshop tool you can make Genji Parkour Maps without having Any knowledge about rules, actions, or anything workshop related!

Workshop code:
Parkour Mode Template: ARN0J
Parkour Terrain Creation Tool: 3VHHD

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Improved practice range:

Command list:


  1. Could u please explain how to transfer from the terrain creator to the template. I don’t understand what I’m supposed to be taking screenshots of, and where I’m supposed to put the coördinates

  2. There was some issues in the code after I changed the names, everything should be fine now hopefully!
    For anyone having the issue of the game shutting down on it's own after a while. Assuming there isn't a way to increase the timeout (let us know if you find one). Try to split your map into "sections" and make sure you don't take more then 30 minutes to finish and test out a section, then copy everything like normal, restart the game and start where you left off making your new section. Then when you finish the whole map, you copy everything like usual from the screenshots you took. This is a bit annoying because you will not be able to see, test or edit, previous sections after you start a new one so make sure you have it like you want it. I wasn't aware of this issue when I started making the tool, sorry.

  3. I begun working on a map, but after a certain amount of time I got a message saying "Game lasted to long, shutting down." As the game restarted all that I had built was gone… How do I save my work?

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