I Spent 50,000 Gold in PUBG Mobile! And This Is What I Got!

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I Spent 50.000 Gold in PUBG Mobile! And This Is What I Got! Gameplay!

Today we are spending all my money in Pubg Mobile! I have over 50.000 Gold coins and I was able to open up 10 “Soldier Crates”! If you wonder how I made all this gold, just play the game. this is the gold that I collected from level 1 to level 30! dont…


  1. I have 1,11,111 coins in pubg but don't know what to do with that, these fuckin crates gives same cloth in every crates so I don't open them much
    I think in near future maybe there will an option will come to convert your pubg coins into pung cash/card (which is currently bought from the real money).

  2. PubG gotta step there game up! There's not enough cool customization options to justify spending real money to open crates. They should do like Rules of survival and add some crazy, cool, & goofy clothes and accessories. Add the gun skins from the pc version & make some new mobile exclusive ones & vehicle skins.

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