How To Level Up Fast In League Of Legends (50K XP IN A DAY, 15+ LEVELS)

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  1. FYI: Buying Hurricane in not the best way to do it, Nashor's + Guinsoo's is. Try if you don't believe. Plus your techniques are not anything special. Just spam bot games with exp boost. Thank you very much. Ofc people would be toxic.

    EDIT: and you expect us to play 24 hours of this in a single day. Get your click bait right dude. You can do this 3 hours a day and spoiler alert, it is boring.

    SO: 340 exp per game X 3 games an hour X 3 hours a day X 7 days + A lot of money = 20790 exp = around 8 levels. Genious…

    If you need tactics or need help with math you can always ask.

  2. 6 games per houre, 6 time 24= 144 ….. your saying ima play 144 games ten minutes each. fastest way is not fast enough! and this is only if im sugger coughting it, if you ask me your avrage exp per game is 330 not 350, check most of his games he get more 330 then 350. still thought ty for the tutorial… hating on riot not you!

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