How to Get Good at Minecraft Commands (in under 4 Minutes)

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This same question has been asked for years – on any platform (Java/Bedrock). Here, I share what I feel is a highly kept secret among mapmakers/command users. What is it that we do?

Important links:
Minecraft commands:
NBT help:

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  1. Being on console, we don't have the 'scoreboard' command, but I'm getting pretty familiar with the 'execute' command, as I use it to help with building (mainly placing blocks where I walk [placing a 4×4 square of stone for instance], entity trails, and making paths).

  2. Hehehehe. I was expecting some explanations for noobs to have them improve with commands but you just explained the basic ones without all the others. With just your explanation the noobs won't know how to count blocks around them and perform actions based on how many there are, etc.

  3. Guys, so apparently, we simplify mob grinders this year. Ya'll, we can simply any mob grinder we want. What mob grinder do we simplify?
    There's one thing this mob grinder needs. SIMPLIFYING!
    [Montage of simplifying mob grinders]
    Hey let's do the simplifying mob grinders challenge!

  4. I wouls like to know how to create a floating pet A.I by commands using armor stands… I was playing with execute and teleport together, the only problem is constantly a need to teleport one entity to another to make a following path like a teleporting armor stand to a dog… But the teleport command doesn't allow teleporting entity to a different entity else than players… I would be so relieved if you could help me, I am just a noob with command blocks, I got used to old PE commands and then I swirched to Java Edition and I am thanking from the depths of my heart to anyone who helps me!

  5. Me entering the video: I mean i'm ok, but I only use scoreboard and executes…

    Me after the video: well… ok then guess i'm good

    Edit. This is a bit of a joke, I surley have a lot more to learn, especially with all execute ramifications

  6. Is Minecraft actually a good place to learn Java? i mean i heard that for quite some time now and i thought it was ridicolous but looking at what you're doing in the game…

  7. I have the PS4 version of minecraft where command blocks do not exist yet (that's if they'll ever add them!) so this video is pretty useless to me nevertheless this is still a good video for people who have the PC version

  8. Im having troubles with the /execute command when it comes to Scoreboards, im trying to make a money system but it wont work whenever i try to set up the shop, this is the command:
    execute if score @p Money > 29 Money run scoreboard players remove @p Money 30
    Everything works fine but it 1. doesnt take the money, and 2. Doesn't run the other commands in the chain.
    Does anyone have a fix for this?

  9. lol literally every time im making a command system i have to look up the usage of the commands and the nbt syntax again. The trick isn't to learn the commands, it's to break down your task into simple steps, maths, and logic so that you can express them with the appropriate commands and get something done.

    You may notice that this is how programming works as well. Yes, minecraft commands have been developed so well that it's like a mid level programming language now.

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