How to Get FREE M16 Parachute Skin, Classic Coupon Crate, Gun Skin & More in PUBG Mobile

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In this video of PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks I’m going to show how to obtain a Parachute, UMP Weapon Skin, 130 silver fragments, 50 coupon scraps and 25 hero crates, all of this for FREE

Mythic Items at 3AM?
Skins at a Cheaper Price:
UMP Skin:

More Free Stuff:
Free Vivo Phone:…


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  2. Yo GV, long time ehh
    I know you are angry cause of me, i was just doing my duty, i was told to aware the server owners about the new rule, it was a straight out order from an official.
    I was busy with something But hey you dropped a lot of cool videos, loved these VPN ones a lot, got a lot of fragments by them, thanks to you
    Keep dropping them.

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