GEFORCE NOW TRICK! USE BROWSER!!! WORKING 2019! (not minecraft method cos minecraft is gone)

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  1. i hate the stupid people commenting "gImMe A cOdE" Idiots, just be patient and wait, i get my code 3 days ago, just wait, have a lil bit of patient, stop begging you dickheads, u guys will not get anything if dont wait

  2. Pls traduct bro porfa dame un code pls estoy como medio año y nada! Ademas soy muy bueno en fortnite y simpre tengo que jugar con todo al minimo y encima con35 fps :c

  3. no shit, u could use steam browser or blizzard browser etc. none can download tho. i think the only way would be if someone published a game that could download chrome or something to the VM

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