BIG PUBG Update for Consoles

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Patch notes:

Stream info: Every Monday and Tuesday at 6:00 PM EST and random weekend times.

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  1. People still play pubg? And on console? Yikes… I played that game once on x box and it was inexplicably bad… it didn’t feel like I was playing a video game… I spent the entire time trying to navigate the bugs… there is absolutely no excuse to play this game especially on console…

  2. Just realized I watched 3rd person perspective the whole time 🤦‍♂️ great gameplay I guess but 3rd person is lame as fuck and no one plays 1st, lobbies are almost always dead.

  3. Unless the update includes west coast servers it’s totally useless to me.
    Adding new guns or tweaking damage while players are still suffering 90+ ping is irrelevant.

  4. You and we’re shooting at each other for like a whole 3 minutes before you got a headshot on me the other day lmfao. Good game of cat and mouse and I was stoked when I saw your gt. Nice lmao

  5. Thanks for the video. Nice update but they need to add crossplay between the Xbox and playstation. It seems like the player base is smaller on the Playstation and playing some modes, like first person duos, is nearly impossible.

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