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Dota 2 Auto chess builds and strategies!
I have achieved 4 queens on separate accounts, previously ranked 12th in the world on the leader board next to the candy store!
Latest update 10 March 2019.

We often find ourselves losing hard in the mid game, why is that? and how can we prepare for the mid game and Secure our Position in the Top 3? In this new series of the mid game survival guides,…


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    We often find ourselves losing hard in the mid game, why is that? In this new series of the mid game survival guides, we look at strategies and mind sets that would help us to better prepare for the mid game and increase the chance of landing in the top 3 position!
    For the Full Cost Tier List Shown in this Guide

    For The Full Tier List for Stages of the Game

    For the New units Tier List and my thoughts on Each

  2. if all you want is to climb and you don't care about finishing first as much, you can go open fort. Never finished below rank 4 with open fort. It's hard to win with it though

  3. Time Stamp
    2:35 Mid game units explanation/Tier List
    6:16 Game one Mid Game demonstration/explanation
    12:57 Unit Selection revisit
    13:44 Game two demonstration/explanation
    16:26 Terrblade appearance
    20:09 Terrblade 2s
    24:05 Game three Starts
    25:14 Unit Choice revisit
    26:18 Game three demonstration/explanation
    38:23 Conclusion
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  4. Hey Matt. Right now I'm stuck in Bishop-3 or 4. In this video, I found out why. Even though I'm not trying it yet, I'm sure it'll help me improve my play. Thanks for the guides. It's amazing. 😀

    Btw, what do you think about warriors? A lot of them are great in the early-mid game. They also have good synergies with orcs, human and beast. Some streamer who's also a Queen tends to do 6 warriors. In one of his stream, he said that 6 warriors with the warlock are a great combo because you have a lot of armor and lifesteal.
    About the gameplay, the biggest difference I found between your goblin and his warriors are, he likes to go to level 7 (he'll try to find kunkka, troll and doom).

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