Battlefield 4 MP7 Gameplay/Ownage – Amazing CQC Gun

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Hey guys,
in this BF4 video we’ll be showing you the MP7 PDW (unlockable through an assignment “Make a dent” available only in China Rising DLC).

With its high rate of fire, short reload, 40-round magazine and low vertical recoil the MP7 excels at close to medium range engagements. It is best used for flanking enemy routes and taking out 2 targets followed by taking cover and reloading. My…


  1. Yea Ik but it don't show like you have destroyed it? n when u kill a air plane it doesn't has the one by it? Like 1/3 it still shows 0/3! So I'm kinda confused on that part 🙂 so portable aa isn't the stinger or something else?

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