AIMBOT SOLDIER!?! – Overwatch Gameplay

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Soldier 76 Gameplay Overwatch

► Got some Overwatch gameplay for you all, playing as Soldier 76 this time round! Very standard hero, but very effective, and loads of fun to play. Went over my current ranked standings in Overwatch, as well as my goals for the season! Hopefully going to be making a series out of it all, providing you all would enjoy watching that kind of thing! Let me know…


  1. every single jungler in paragon especially kahimera, usually they brag about how much they kill the enemy team and then get mad at everyone else for dying. Tbey always think its kills that win teh game, its not. I hate junglers who act like douchebags.

  2. Flux's standards are falling faster than bombs in syria, you would think you can come to flux's channel to see something awesome and you find run and gun that any degenerate can do.

  3. Love the analysis, Papa Flux. Your perspective being new to the game feels fresh, super insightful and very applicable for an average player like me. Would fucking love to see a road to masters! Much like your jungle videos, would be great to watch short videos on how to get good results from each of the DPS heroes.

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