10 Tips To Help You Improve in Overwatch

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10 Simple Tips to help you improve in Overwatch!

Thanks to dhQk for helping me record these clips



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  1. I've tried playing some music in team voice chat, some people sing along with it, some leave the channel and theres the one guy who just straightly says ''report him for playing music in team chat'' (he says it in global chat) so it kinda works to make people positive kinda doesn't

  2. Yea that 0-2 start deifently works we were all wierd roles I was healer and blah blah then are dos switch to heal and I switch to dos and then we had a Zaria and genji that game was so fun also don't get toxic cos that can prove it can turn around

  3. One that I stick to: Thank your healers. If they are new to healers, they will notice that people are being nice to them and will inspire them to keep playing healers. Others will see this and think that playing healer isn't a bad idea, either. It's always a good idea to get one or two more healer mains in the community.

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